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About us

Hello, Welcome to the Editor's Page!!!




Age: 16 yrs old

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Motto: Never be a millionaire, if you can be a billionaire.

Hi, Im Rod the the content editor of this website that is all about "A New Age of Herbal Medicine" I am also the head and leader for this project.

For other information, I am currently a fourth year student (well, a BUSY student) its because of the many organization that have joined. Cu
rrently the president of Supreme Student Government and an Editor-in-Chief of the school journalism.

That's all thank you.



Age: 16 yrs old


Zodiac Sign: Leo

Motto: With the great power comes with the great responsibility.

To all of you, Im Zyren. I'am the master designer of this page in my team. I hold great responsiblity for the success of our project to manage this site but actually with my companion.


For further information, I am also a BUSY type student because I actively participated on many events or contest and many other clubs on our school. So, I just accept this challenge on making a site trying to leave a legacy to my school before I graduate.


That's all I've got. Thank you also.


Name: Cielo A. Lacandula

Nickname: Cie




Age: 16 yrs old


Zodiac Sign: Taurus


Motto: Everything will be okay at the end, if it's not yet okay then it's not yet the end.



I'm Cielo, people call me 'cie'. I am one of the editors of of this project. Like my co-editors i'm a part of completing and the success of this project.

For you to know me better, i love doing computer stuffs. Well, computer is my business but since I'm a graduating student I need to focus myself on academics and also fo co-curricular activities. And expected, as a graduating student I am also a busy student just like my co-editors.

So I think that's all 'bout me.



Age: 16 yrs old

Zodiac Sign:

Every things great is not always good but good things are always great.

   Bonjour everyone! I am Jarvis Dayneille, my friends called me jad for short. I stands 5'6 and I am simple. I am friendly and joker person. I have a fair complexion and I am a person who is happy to be with.

    I am one of the editors of this site. Currently, I am a fourth year student. In our school , I am the News Writer. I also joined many organizations that helps me to be a better person. I do believe that we must have the will, plan, power to act to be able to achieve a powerful action.






Name: Manry Joe A. Pizarras

Dj Blue/Man


Age: 16 yrs old

Zodiac Sign:

Try not to be a man of success, rather to be a man of value.

Hello everybody!! I'm Manry Joe A. Pizarras. My friends call me "Man".

I am the photographer in this page.


Mabuhay Iligan!


  Iligan City National High School Students:

Rod Daniel S. Leopoldo - IV-Enstein

Zyren Mark C. Erok - IV-Maxwell

Jarvis Dayneille V. Pepito - IV-Einstein

Manry Joe A. Pizarras - IV-Rizal

Cielo A. Lacandula - IV-Einstein
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