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Project Narrative

TITLE: A New Age of Herbal Medicine

CATEGORY: 4 Local Specialties, Sports and Health

URL: www.icnhs-herbal-medicine.page.tl

SCHOOL: Iligan City National High School

LOCATION: General Wood St., Mahayahay, Iligan City, Lanao del Norte


     Iligan City National High School students of ages 14-16 years old worked together to round off the completion of this project. The participating students were headed by Mrs. Annallee Q. Aron (their RESEARCH Teacher) and Ms. Victoria Cordova (their COMPUTER CLASS Teacher) with their fellow researchers  Rod Daniel S. Leopoldo, Zyren Mark C. Erok, Manry Joe A. Pizarras, Jarvis Dayneille V. Pepito, Cielo A. Lacandula. This is the third active participation of the school.


School Location: Mahayahay, Iligan City, Lanao del Norte, Philippines.


Project Overview

Description of our Community

    The average annual income of Filipino family is P32, 000 for the first income decile(NSO,2006). Converting it per day would be P 88.89 for each Filipino family. If it will be budgeted for the consumption of the family per day it would not be enough to sustain the family’s basic needs much more if one member of the family is sick. The family cannot anymore afford to buy medicine. And they should NOT wait for someone else to solve for their problem neither wait for the government to solve for their problem but do their own necessary steps to solve their own problems. This lesson will involve the community (Parents, LGUs, NGOs and Business establishments) to be a part in solving problems in medicine and educating the students and the people in the World Wide Web on the therapeutic importance of herb as alternative for expensive medicine. The students will conduct a survey and orient the represented sample of 7,300 students of Iligan City National High School on the  herbs recommended by DOH as non-toxic. They will also develop a website (using the MS-Paint features) that contains the herbarium description, phytochemical contents, appropriate formulation, and uses of the herbs. They will also experience a new age of herbal gardening that suits the their urbanized atmostphere with the guidance of Mr. Bernabe Bon the Agriculturist. The website will then be the school’s entry for the 2008 National and International Web developing contest. With the hope of bringing prestige to their City and hopefully to their Country.


Summary of our Project

    For far too long, traditional systems of medicine and modern medicine have gone their separate ways in mutual antipathy. Yet their goals are the same; to improve the health of mankind and the quality of life. Unfortunately, the divergence between the two systems of medicine has almost exactly paralleled the division of the world between the rich and the poor. The age-old arts of herbalists has decline in the past years as the modern medicine arise with new techniques and new apparatus. This means the people under the poverty line cannot enjoy the access of all the complex technology so they are attached to herbalists as an agent of health care.

    Lagundi, Yerba Buena, Sambong, Tsaang gubat, Niyug-niyogan, Bawang, Bayabas, Ampalaya, and Ulasimang bato which were tested by the Department of Health. This could also encourage people to have their own herbal garden and in times of emergency, decoction of herbs might be used to determine whether their active ingredients have healing powers that science has overlooked.

Our Computer and Internet Access

A. Percentage of the students using the internet at home: about 40%

B. Number of workstations with internet access in the classroom: 2

C. Connection speed used in the classroom: 300.0 kbps

D. Number of years our classroom has been connected to the internet:

almost three years

E. Additional comments concerning your computer and/or internet access:

    USAID, GEM-Click and our school worked together to provided teachers, school personnel and students an INTERNET access as a part of the big change of the community. Basically, we are having computer lessons, wherein we use computer applications in reporting. In addition during research projects, the internet access has been a big help for information finding and updating news than using the library which is not updated.

Problems we had to Overcome

    First of all, we have to kill time because we are graduating students and most of our teachers have thrown different projects for our requirements. And we need to find time in making this project. Furthermore, we were informed late due to some class disruptions. In addition, we don’t have enough budget to established our herbal garden, that’s why we need to ask financial help to some local government officials, and that was never easy in our part.

    Some of us lose hope, and others have diminished their interest. But whenever we see the faces of our coaches, faces with determination, we were like being contaminated and charge our hope.

Impact to the Community

    Through this project the people will have a positive outlook towards traditional healing with the use of herbs. They will also realize how important plants within their yards are. This will also encourage low cost medicinal approach to some earthy ills in the community. And lastly, this could lead a breakthrough in the field of environmental health.

In addition, this project was also a community based project, wherein the city officials and city establishments helped the researchers to accomplish the project.

Our Project Sound Bite

    By participating in this year’s cyberfair contest, we smell the aroma of achievement, knowing that this project could be a panacea of all misconceptions in the community in the field of environmental health.

      How did your activities and research for this Cyberfair project support standards, required coursework, and curriculum standards?

    This has been a big break to us as graduating students. We were able to cooperate with each other and give some information to our teammates even in our little ways.

    We assure the viewers that the information in our site are certified true and correct. We had gathered the information with great responsibility. Furthermore, the data we had gathered were according to the members assigned. The leader made sure that the task was done appropriately with precision and accuracy.

Lessons and Surprises

    Nowadays, students are equipped in terms of new gadgets in our society. It has been a wrong impression that we will set aside the traditional ways.

    That's why in this project, we had realized the importance of alternative ways especially in herbal medicine.


  Iligan City National High School Students:

Rod Daniel S. Leopoldo - IV-Enstein

Zyren Mark C. Erok - IV-Maxwell

Jarvis Dayneille V. Pepito - IV-Einstein

Manry Joe A. Pizarras - IV-Rizal

Cielo A. Lacandula - IV-Einstein
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